August 27, 2013

20 and a Lunch: The Rise and Fall of Johnny Trans Am

And here’s our second 48 hour film of the year, from the Philadelphia 48 Hour Film Project. It’s the third installment in the Two Brothers Saga.

The required elements were:

  • Genre: Mistaken Identity
  • Character: Mr. or Ms. Moran, Substitute Teacher
  • Prop: Greeting Card
  • Line: “That’s what I’m talking about.”
August 22, 2013

Ace of Hearts

This year we decided to make two 48 hour films back to back. Here’s the first one, from the Chicago 48 Hour Film Project.

The required elements were:

  • Genre: Spy
  • Character: Mike or Michelle Madigan, Chemist
  • Prop: Remote Control
  • Line: “Why didn’t I think of that?”
July 23, 2012

A Fuckful of Fists

We made this for the 2012 48 Hour Film Project in Philadelphia. It’s a sequel (of sorts) to our 2008 48 hour film, Dancing With Myself: A Road Movie.

The required elements were:

  • Genre: Musical or Western
  • Character: Chris or Christina Murray, Blogger
  • Prop: Brick
  • Line: “What am I going to do about this guy?”
May 16, 2011

Something Olde

Here's a lesser known adventure from Jon's days as mayor of Olde Plagmanton.

We shot this in 2007 as an extra for the Uncle Nagy's House Season 1 DVD and somehow forgot to put it online until now.

January 17, 2011

State of the Nagy 2011

The season 2 gang

So, as you may have noticed, our lofty 2009 goal of releasing 52 UNH episodes in 52 weeks didn’t exactly work out. To our credit, we did make it almost halfway through before giving up in disgust. Then we spent 2010 crying in various caves.

But now it’s a whole new year and we’ve emerged from our respective cry caves with a renewed sense of purpose: we’re ready to finish this thing.

Last week we started pre-production on the final episode of Uncle Nagy’s House Season 2 (and probably Uncle Nagy’s House itself). It’s early days yet, but this is what we know so far:

  • It’s going to be feature length.
  • All mysteries (that you probably forgot about) will be revealed!
  • It’ll be done by the end of 2011. We’re guessing November-ish.
  • We’re going to have a fancy movie theater premiere for this one, like we did for episode 6.

That’s it for now. We’ll let you know when we make some progress.

September 05, 2009

Uncle Nagy's House #2.21: The Good, the Bad and the Denim

"Come at the king, you best not miss." - Omar

Credits & Downloads

August 17, 2009

Uncle Nagy's House #2.20: The Complete Works of Boatzart

"We ain't gotta dream no more, man." - Stringer Bell

Credits & Downloads

August 04, 2009

Uncle Nagy's House #2.19: Trinitation

"Call it a crisis of leadership." - Proposition Joe

Credits & Downloads

May 15, 2009

Uncle Nagy's House #2.18: Meet the Mavericks

In which The Maverick meditates on family, future, and all that shit. (This episode was created as part of the 2009 Philadelphia 48 Hour Film Project.)

Credits & Downloads

May 09, 2009

Uncle Nagy's House #2.17: The Littlest Cancellation

Jon and Norman's trip to Twin Springs is further diverted by the startling news that The Littlest Cat has been canceled by SFOP TV.

Credits & Downloads